Saturday, July 11, 2015

Portland Saturday Market

I'm actually dividing today into two separate posts because the two events marked a division in the trip - the end of our Portland exploration and the beginning of our journey down the coast.

Every Saturday from March through December over 200 artisans descend on the Portland Waterfront for the Saturday Market. It's a giant arts and crafts fair and it happens every weekend! The market didn't officially start until 10 but we got there early to get parking, and we got an edge on the crowd! The arts and crafts was a lot of your typical fare - pottery, woodworking, soap, they did however have at least three tie dye vendors! I picked up a really cute purple tie dye dress! Also found a guy who was selling spice mixtures - he had a good Indian mixture and a Moroccan one - he offered tastes and "smells" of all the blends! I bought 4 different ones to try! I'm especially excited about the Indian one - I love all the spices and flavors when I eat Indian food out, but I can't recreate it at home as well. We also enjoyed the numerous nature photograhers!

After we'd checked out all the arts and crafts we headed to the food cart section. Portland has a large number of food trucks that serve every type of cuisine imaginable! Today at the Market we could choose from Mexican, Greek, burgers and fries, Nepali, pannis, Thai, empanadas, Polish! It was hard to pick, but I decided on the Nepali/Himalyan. It was all real food, veggies and rice, not what you'd expect at a fair!

It was very good too! Spicy, but not hot! The lentils and rice were plain, but they had good flavor!

After lunch Mom wanted dessert, but the ice cream that was at the fair didn't sound as good so we made our way over to the original Voodoo Doughnuts which was only a few blocks away. The line was really long so I suggested going to Voodoo Too, just across the bridge. There was a line there too, but it was much shorter. Despite my saying yesterday that I preferred the ice cream, I still really enjoyed the doughnuts! We got some different ones this time - a Portland Cream and a Peach Fritter, more enjoyed two cake doughnuts - one with chocolate and one with cinnamon sugar. (I'd attempted to buy her a chocolate covered cake doughnut the other day but I ordered an "old fashioned" instead and it wasn't quite right.) The peach fritter was enormous and it had about an inch of cream cheese frosting on it! It was very good! The Portland Cream was also really good - just like an eclair!

After our Voodoo gorge we were on our way back to the Home Depot to get the RVs and head to the beach! I really enjoyed our time in Portland! It was great to see Bill, Emily, Lila and Davis! And it was super fun checking out the city with them! I really liked Portland, it seemed like an easy city to figure out - once I'd driven down three once I kinda knew where things were. Each time we went into the city it was easy to figure out where we needed to be and how to get there! And, there were plenty of interesting, quirky things to do!



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